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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jason Lee Wilson - "Big Gun"

Jason Lee Wilson's "Big Gun". I remember hearing it for the first time. It was a night like tonight: windows open, spring pushing winter aside, the smell of cut grass in the air, a warmth in the breeze. The kind of night that was made for some kind of tryst, but again there was no one there. I sat on the couch with a beer and put the record on. The opening track is "All I Need Is Your Love". The first notes resonate low and lonely, Wilson somberly sings "for years here below I have wasted it all/ watched it wash away in a slow flood of tears/ and the wrong turns I have made/ to the prisons I have stayed/ took from me oh, so precious years.... " The volume swells as his voice breaks low to high -I was blown away.

The whole record moves like that. The lyrics are heartfelt. The chord progressions effortlessly complex. The melodies pull you in around every hook. Above it all Wilson sings his ass off in a resigned passion that Ive always tried to duplicate in the shower but inevitably fail at.

Big Gun has it's share of upbeat boppers,"Smokehouse", a lyrically clever portrayal of the local folk and figureheads in the small mountain town from which he's from. "Gear Up Daddy", is a bonafide truck driving gem. Songs like "Heart Like Mine" and "Don't Sell Your Soul" possess a quiet resignation while "See The Big Man Cry" emotes a poetic melancholy that leaps from a bed of harmonies and sears a new spot in your brain. Alas, it was the last track on the record, Dylan's "Wagon Wheel" that slayed me, "rock me mama like the wind and the rain, rock me mama like a southbound train. I said, hey, hey, mama rock me..."

The music is undeniably true blue, drawing roots from Western cowboy and southeastern American folk and gospel music. The best thing about "Big Gun" is that it works as a whole. After my first play i sat smiling then almost crying as i listened to it again all the way through. and then again. and again.....

Jason Lee Wilson may very well be the closest thing to artistic heaven: the murmuring vocals, the pastoral sadness, the sweeping beauty of every tune. Traditional hillbilly poetics, mysterious and isolated. Authentic country boppers lathered in nostalgia.

I can't help but wonder what it must have been like growing up in East Tennessee, and if he knew that one day he'd write songs that would make the girls cry.

I look forward to hearing his new truck driving record.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good For What Ails You: Music of the Medicine Shows 1926-1937

Disc: 1 

1. The Spasm - Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah 
2. Tanner's Boarding House - Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett 
3. Don't Think I'm Santa Claus - Lil McClintock 
4. Hokum Blues - Dallas String Band with Coley Jones 
5. Jimbo Jambo Land - Shorty Godwin 
6. Gonna Swing On The Golden Gate - Fiddlin' John Carson & His Virginia Reelers 
7. Papa's 'Bout To Get Mad - Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley 
8. The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home Never Was A Married Man - Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright 
9. Bye, Bye, Policeman - Jim Jackson 
10. The Bald-Headed End Of A Broom - Walter Smith 
11. Bow Wow Blues - Allen Brothers 
12. Beans - Beans Hambone & El Morrow 
13. A Chicken Can Waltz The Gravy Around - Stovepipe # 1 and David Crockett 
14. Tell It To Me - Grant Brothers & Their Music 
15. Ain't No Use Working So Hard - Carolina Tar Heels 
16. Mama Keep Your Yes Ma'am Clean - Walter Cole 
17. C-H-I-C-K-E-N Spells Chicken - Kirk McGee & Blythe Poteet 
18. My Money Never Runs Out - Banjo Joe 
19. Railroadin' Some - Henry Thomas "Ragtime Texas" 
20. Traveling Man - Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers 
21. G. Burns Is Gonna Rise Again - Johnson-Nelson-Porkchop 
22. Baby All Night Long - Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers 
23. Born In Hard Luck - Chris Bouchillon 
24. He's In The Jailhouse Now - Memphis Sheiks 

disc 1

 The Gypsy - Emmett Miller & His Georgia Crackers 

Disc: 2 

1. Gonna Tip Out Tonight - Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley 
2. Chevrolet Car - Sam McGee 
3. It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' - Gid Tanner & His Skillet-Lickers 
4. Bring It With You When You Come - Cannon's Jug Stompers 
5. Atlanta Strut - Blind Sammie 
6. Go Along Mule - Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers 
7. Casey Bill - Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band 
8. I Got Mine - Frank Stokes 
9. Hannah - Chris Bouchillon 
10. Adam & Eve In The Garden - Bogus Ben Covington 
11. Mysterious Coon - Alec Johnson & His Band 
12. Her Name Was Hula Lou - Carolina Tar Heels 
13. Reno Blues - Three Tobacco Tags 
14. Scoodle Um Skoo - Papa Charlie Jackson 
15. Stackalee - Frank Hutchison 
16. The Cat's Got The Measles, The Dog's Got The Whooping Cough - Walter Smith 
17. Shout You Cats - Hezekiah Jenkins 
18. Nobody's Business If I Do - Tommie Bradley 
19. Sweet Sixteen - Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers 
20. Ticklish Reuben - Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright 
21. I Heard The Voice Of A Porkchop - Jim Jackson 
22. Shine - Dallas String Band with Coley Jones 
23. The Gypsy - Emmett Miller & His Georgia Crackers 
24. Kiss Me Cindy - J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers

disc 2

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cicadelic 60's Volume 2

Side 1
1 The Innsmen - Things Are Different Now
2 The Jagged Edge - Midnight To Six Man
3 The Olivers - My Little Red Book
4 The Olivers - I Saw What You Did
5 Swamp Rats - Hey Joe
6 The Brother Love Congregation - Bringing Me Down
7 The Laughing Kind - Empty Heart

Side 2
1 The Rumors - Without Her
2 The Rationals - Feelin' Lost
3 The Tidal Waves - Farmer John
4 The Outside In - You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees
5 The Dovers - I Could Be Happy
6 The Dovers - People Ask Me Why
7 Exchequers - Is There Some Girl
8 The Boss Todes - Sally The Pollywog

Cicadelic 60's Vol 2

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Click-Clacks - Pretty Little Pearly

The Click-Clacks - Pretty Little Pearly

Otis Blackwell - Daddy Rollin' Stone

Otis Blackwell - Daddy Rollin Stone

Muddy Waters - I Can't Be Satisfied

Muddy Waters - Can't Be Satisfied

Tommie Tolleson - I Love You And Miss You All The Time

Tommie Tolleson - I Love You And Miss You All The Time

The Utopians - Dutch Treat

The Utopians - Dutch Treat

Sleepy LaBeef - Sleepy Rocks

1. All The Time
2. I'm Through
3. Baby Let's Play House
4. All Alone
5. I Ain't Gonna Take It
6. Lonely
7. Don't Make Me Go
8. Little Bit More (alt)
9. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
10. Turn Me Loose
11. You're So Easy To Love
12. Ridin' Fence
13. The Ways Of A Woman In Love
14. Walkin' Slowly 
15. Ride On Josephine
16. Home Of The Blues
17. Tore Up
18. Little Bit More
19. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven
20. Goodnight Irene
21. Guess Things Happen That Way
22. Can't Get You Off Of My Mind
23. I Found Out
24. You Can't Catch Me
25. Shame, Shame, Shame
26. Ain't Got No Home
27. Too Much Monkey Business
28. Honey Hush
29. Good Rockin' Boogie
30. Roll Over Beethoven
31. I'm Coming Home
32. Shot-Gun Boogie
33. Honky Tonk Man
34. Lonesome For A Letter
35. Ride On Josephine

 Sleepy LaBeef - Lonely

Sleepy Rocks

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dead Moon Night

"Clackamas, Oregon’s Dead Moon is truly one of the most independent and revered Northwest underground bands of all time. With Fred Cole on guitar and vocals, his wife Toody on bass and vocals, and the indefatigable Andrew Loomis on drums, Dead Moon have been churning out their own indescribable brand of rock and roll for nearly 20 years now. Their dedication and love for each other and what they do make it unlikely they will be stopping anytime soon.

Fred began his recording career in 1964 with The Lords, releasing the single “Ain’t Got No Self-Respect.” Fred’s next band The Weeds released a 7” before being renamed The Lollipop Shoppe to avoid confusion with The Seeds (with whom they shared a manager). Their 1968 burner “You Must Be a Witch” was released on 7” by MCA subsidiary Uni Records and eventually landed on the first Nuggets anthology box set. The Lollipop Shoppe / Weeds configuration went on to play with the likes of The Doors, The Seeds and Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis Joplin before disbanding in 1969.

Fred and Toody met in Portland in 1966 after The Weeds ran out of gas on their way to Canada where members of the band were planning to wait out the Vietnam War. They were married in 1967, and when The Lollipop Shoppe disbanded in 1971, the couple spent some time homesteading in the Yukon, briefly lived in LA and finally landed back in Oregon, just outside of Portland, in Clackamas.

In 1987, after years spent playing in and releasing records by a dizzying succession of bands, Fred and Toody recruited Andrew Loomis to play drums for a new rock and roll band that would be stripped to its rawest essentials: electric guitar and bass with no effects, simple, powerful drumming, and tough, impassioned vocals (from both Fred and Toody). A red moon Fred and Toody saw on the way home from one of their many trips to Reno spawned the name for the new band, and Fred’s desperate, intense and haunting lyrics fit perfectly. A new label was formed (Tombstone Records: “Music Too Tough to Die”) and Dead Moon began releasing a slew of unforgettable home-recorded gems starting in 1988 with their first 7” of the oft-covered “Parchment Farm” and “Hey Joe,” followed closely by the “Don’t Burn the Fires” 7” and the full-length In The Graveyard. Fred would cut the vinyl masters to nearly Dead Moon’s entire catalog with a birthday present from Toody: the same 1954 mono lathe used to cut the The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie.”

Over the next couple of years the band released 2 more LPs (Unknown Passage and Defiance) and 2 more 7”s of staggeringly earnest, powerful, beautiful, anthemic songs. Tunes like “Dead Moon Night,” “54/40 or Fight,” “D.O.A.,” “Dagger Moon,” “Walking on My Grave,” and “Black September” cemented the band’s sound and direction and gave them a framework of songs on which to base their tremendous live show. A candle shoved into a Jack Daniels bottle is the lone stage prop and lends the proceedings the feel of some sort of séance or ritual gathering. The group shares an embrace, a cigarette and a beer, and blaze through a set that is at once spiritual and uplifting, angry and defiant, celebratory and fun. In short, it’s everything that rock and roll is supposed to (and sometimes can) be."
-read more here

1. Dead Moon - Until It Rains (2:49)
2. Dead Moon - 13 Going on 21 (2:52)
3. Dead Moon - A Fix on you (3:11)
4. Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night (4:43)
5. Dead Moon - Signs of Departure (2:02)
6. Dead Moon - Dead In The Saddle (3:42)
7. Dead Moon - An Occupation with You (2:59)
8. Dead Moon - Graveyard (2:30)
9. Dead Moon - Black September (3:03)
10. Dead Moon - Sabotage (2:18)
11. Dead Moon - Hey Joe (2:55)
12. Dead Moon - In the attitudes (3:04)
13. Dead Moon - Kicked Out (2:33)
14. Dead Moon - Bonus Track: Milk Cow Blues (3:34)
15. Dead Moon - Walking On My Grave (3:06)
16. Dead Moon - Crazy to the bone (3:12)
17. Dead Moon - Hey Joe (2:42)
18. Dead Moon - You Must Be A Witch (2:55)
19. Dead Moon - Psychodelic Nightmare (2:57)

Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night

Dead Moon

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Just Gonna Blow My Little Mind To Bits

THE HAUNTED were an influential garage rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band was formed by Jurgen Peter (guitar) in 1965 and went on to release several records before finally disbanding in 1971. They were among the first Canadian bands to achieve a level of success in their musical genre. In 1965, Jurgen Peter joined up with Bob Burgess (vocals), Al Birmingham (lead guitar), Glenn Holmes (bass), and Peter Symes (drums) to form The Haunted. Besides Jurgen Peter, the other constant band member through most of its six year history was lead guitarist Al Birmingham. The band membership that recorded the band's best known song, "1-2-5" was comprised of Al Birmingham (lead guitar), Jurgen Peter (rhythm guitar), Bob Burgess (vocals), Mason Shea (bass) and Dave Wynne (drums).

The band's first big break came after winning a Battle Of The Bands at the Montreal Forum in 1965, beating such competitors as David Clayton-Thomas and the Shays. The first prize was studio time that they used to record the two songs on their first 45rpm, 1-2-5, with Eight O'Clock This Morning as the B-side. The first pressing of this record had the band name misprinted as "The Haunted." Ironically, the later pressing with the band's name correctly spelt are now more difficult to locate. The single achieved substantial local success, making the Canadian version of the national charts (RPM Weekly Magazine) and enough attention in the U.S. to attract a U.S. pressing of the 45 on the Amy label.

Several more 7" singles, as well as a full-length self-titled LP over the next two years, which served to increase their popularity. The band grew to be one of the most in demand bands in Canada for the balance of the 1960s and into the early 1970s. Jurgen Peter decided to fold the band in 1971, commenting as follows: "We were the most sought after and highest paid Canadian band for many years. When I folded the band in 1971, I had to cancel a whole year of advance bookings and it cost me a fortune in lawyer's fees to get out of some of them." At the time of the breakup, the band had a loyal fan club with thousands of members. (from wikipedia)

1. The Haunted - 1-2-5 (2:33)
2. The Haunted - Shake (2:27)
3. The Haunted - Horror Show (5:30)
4. The Haunted - Untie Me (4:44)
5. The Haunted - I Can Only Give You Everything (3:02)
6. The Haunted - Eight O'clock This Morning (2:23)
7. The Haunted - 1-2-5 (Original Version) (2:34)
8. The Haunted - Out Of Time (3:41)
9. The Haunted - Searching For My Baby (3:05)
10. The Haunted - A Message To Pretty (3:09)
11. The Haunted - Twist (2:35)
12. The Haunted - Montreal Blues (4:05)
13. The Haunted - Porquoi (Talk Talk) (1:52)
14. The Haunted - Vapeur Mauve (Purple Haze) (3:35)
15. The Haunted - Come On Home (2:29)
16. The Haunted - I'm A Man (2:34)
17. The Haunted - Run Down Every Street (3:07)
18. The Haunted - Land Of Make Believe (2:21)
19. The Haunted - An Act Of Lovin' (2:12)
20. The Haunted - No More Lovin' (3:04)
21. The Haunted - Mona (2:32)
22. The Haunted - I'm Just Gonna Blow My Little Mind To Bits

I'm Just Gonna Blow My Little Mind To Bits

The Haunted

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rare 60's Beat Treasures

1. David John & The Mood - Bring It To Jerome (2:13)
2. Mickie Most - Money Honey (2:21)
3. The Cherokees - Dig A Little Deeper (2:33)
4. David John & The Mood - I Love To See You Strut (2:09)
5. Bo Street Runners - Love To You (2:44)
6. Miki Dallon - I'll Give You Love (2:17)
7. The Nashville Teens - Revived 45 Time (1:47)
8. Bo Street Runners - Lonely Avenue (3:28)
9. Mickie Most - That's Alright (2:09)
10. FIRING SQUAD - Bullmoose (2:30)
11. The Syndicats - Crawdaddy Simone (3:09)
12. The Mickey Finn - Garden Of My Mind (2:32)
13. Bo Street Runners - Bo Street Runner (2:07)
14. FIRING SQUAD - Little Bit More (2:02)
15. The Nashville Teens - Forbidden Fruit (3:03)
16. Duffy Power - I Saw Her Standing There (2:29)
17. The Mickey Finn - Time To Start Loving You (2:42)
18. Bo Street Runners - Shame, Shame, Shame (3:08)
19. Arizona Swamp Company - Train Keeps Rollin' (3:03)
20. Moquettes - The Wrong Yo Yo (1:58)
21. Duffy Power - Farewell Baby (1:58)
22. Attraction - Party Line (2:20)
23. Thr Arizona Swamp Company - Tennessee Woman (3:02)
24. The Mickey Finn - Night Comes Down (2:12)
25. Attraction - She's A Girl (2:33)

The Mickey Finn - Night Comes Down

Rare 60's Beat Treasures

Friday, April 2, 2010

V.A. - It's Happening Here (60's Garage Bands from N.Jersey 1966-1969)

1. The People - Don't You Know What It Is To Wait? (3:13)
2. The Avlons - Patterns of Emptiness (2:49)
3. Thorn and the Four Roses - In Sherwood Forest (2:53)
4. The Wild Things - She Put Me Down (2:34)
5. The Soul Survivors - I Need Your Love (2:03)
6. The Lost Sound - She Won't Have Me (2:25)
7. The Odds & Ends - Why Did You Tell Me (2:38)
8. Blues & Things - Lovely Achin Shakin Blues (2:13)
9. The Nightwatch - Too Long (2:08)
10. The Conchords - Magic Love Machine (2:42)
11. The Dimensions - Yesterday's Love (2:22)
12. The People - Johnny Will Have To Wait (2:16)

Blues & Things - Lovely Achin Shakin Blues

V.A. Its happening here (US N.Jersey amateur bands)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Burt Allis & The Diggers - Rock, Bop, And Dig It

Back in the summer of 1971, Belgian native, Mac Bouvrie, founded his very own, Mac Records. A small label, it focused primarily on recording local rockabilly artists in and around Europe. Burt Allis was one of the first artists signed to the label.  In a 2002 interview, Mac describes first meeting Allis.

"This German lad came to me in 1974 with a cassette tape he wanted me to listen to. I really liked what I heard and I asked him which band it was. "That's me," he said, and I immediately responded with, "Damn, we gotta make a record of that!" So in 1974 we issued 'Rock-a-billy Lilly' b/w 'Dig no one else'. Both songs were written by Burt, who writes all his material himself." 

Mac continued by touching on Allis' songwriting style.
"When Burt Allis came to me with his own work I decided that in the future I would only issue original songs and so far I still managed to do so."
"Everybody's got his own ideas, the trick is to turn good ideas to good records. If an artist writes his own songs you can always find something new and personal in it and I like that a lot better than covering other peoples' songs. It fascinates me to see people have ideas that nobody else had before. Burt Allis even has his own studio in his basement where he records all his songs."

"He's really unbelievable! He must have hundreds of songs written all by himself, all in his very own rockin' fifties style. Of course some songs aren't all that good, but still it's unbelievable how Burt "pops up" these songs. All Burt's records are released as "Burt Allis and the Diggers", but in fact it's all the same person. This guy plays guitar, piano, drums, sax and bass, he's really incredible! Burt's first LP was also issued on RCA in Germany and the USA. Polydor offered Burt a contract if he was willing to record German language ballads. Burt kindly refused.. Like me, all he wants is rock 'n' roll!"

I say, rock babe, rock baby, rock...

Burt Allis and The Diggers
Rock, Bop And Dig It

1. Rock Bop And Dig it
2. The Cats Bop Around
3. Crazy Chick
4. Little Blue Lonesome Boy
5. Just Diggin
6. Bop Little Wildcat
7. Sit And Wonder
8. Count To Ten
9. Could Be
10. Leave Your Gal Alone
11. Time To Rock Around
12. Baby Please
13. Night Boppin'
14. The Digger Meets The Stomper
15. Boppin' The Rock
16. Look What You're Doin'
17. Steady Rockin
18. Seven Little Girls

Bonus Tracks (not on the album)

19. Rock-A-Billy Lilly
20. Dig No One Else

Burt Allis -Crazy Chick

Burt Allis & The Diggers - Rock, Bop, And Dig It

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tampa Red & Georgia Tom - Uncle Bud (Dog-Gone Him)

Tampa Red (January 8, 1904 - March 19, 1981), born Hudson Woodbridge but known from childhood as Hudson Whittaker, was an influential American musician. He is best known as an accomplished and influential blues guitarist who had a unique single-string bottleneck style. His songwriting and his silky, polished slide technique influenced other leading Chicago blues guitarists, such as Big Bill Broonzy and Robert Nighthawk, as well as Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Mose Allison and many others. In a career spanning over 30 years he also recorded pop, R&B and hokum records.

Thomas Andrew Dorsey (July 1, 1899, Villa Rica, Georgia - January 23, 1993, Chicago). He is known as “the father of gospel music”. Earlier in his life he was a leading blues pianist under the name Georgia Tom. He learned to play the piano as a young man, and after studying music formally in Chicago, became an agent for Paramount Records. He put together a band for Ma Rainey called the Wild Cats Jazz Band in 1924.

He started out playing at rent parties with the names Barrelhouse Tom and Texas Tommy, but he was most famous as Georgia Tom, under which name he teamed up with Tampa Red to record the raunchy 1928 hit “Tight Like That”, a sensation, selling seven million copies. The two went on to record almost 90 sides, sometimes as The Hokum Boys or, with Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon, as Tampa Red’s Hokum Jug Band.

Their partnership ended in 1932. Tampa Red remained much in demand as a session musician, and in 1934 signed to Victor Records, with whom he stayed until 1953. He formed the Chicago Five, a group of session musicians who created what became known as the Bluebird sound. By the 1940s he was playing electric guitar. In 1942 “Let Me Play With Your Poodle” was a #4 hit on Billboard’s new “Harlem Hit Parade”, forerunner of the R&B chart, and his 1949 recording “When Things Go Wrong with You (It Hurts Me Too)”, another R&B hit, was covered by Elmore James. He was ‘rediscovered’ in the late 1950s, like many other surviving early recorded blues artists such as Son House and Skip James, as part of the blues revival. His final, undistinguished, recordings were in 1960. Having become an alcoholic after his wife’s death in 1953, he died destitute in Chicago, aged 77.

Dorsey, who had already begun recording gospel music alongside blues in the mid 1920s, performed at the National Baptist Convention in 1930, and become the bandleader of two churches in the early 1930s, founded the first black gospel music publishing company, Dorsey House of Music, as well as his own gospel choir. After his first wife died in childbirth in 1932 along with his first son, he wrote his most famous song, one of the most famous of all gospel songs, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”, which was covered by diverse artists both black and white, and was sung at the funerals of both Dr. Martin Luther King and US President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Dorsey wrote “Peace in the Valley” for Mahalia Jackson in 1937, which also became a gospel standard. He was the first African American elected to the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and also the first in the Gospel Music Association’s Living Hall of Fame. In 2002, one of his albums was added to the United States National Recording Registry. He died in Chicago, Illinois, aged 93.

Tampa Red, Georgia Tom - Uncle Bud (Dog-Gone Him)

Uncle Bud (song variations)

The Staple Singers - Uncloudy Day

This post goes out to December Child, for his impeccable taste in exactly everything...

1. The Staple Singers - I'm Coming Home (6:44)
2. The Staple Singers - Too Close (5:03)
3. The Staple Singers - Somebody Saved Me (3:47)
4. The Staple Singers - Stand By Me (3:37)
5. The Staple Singers - Uncloudy Day (3:02)
6. The Staple Singers - I Had A Dream (2:55)
7. The Staple Singers - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (2:49)
8. The Staple Singers - Pray On (2:48)
9. The Staple Singers - Help Me Jesus (2:44)
10. The Staple Singers - Swing Down Chariot (Let Me Ride) (2:42)
11. The Staple Singers - God's Wonderful Love (2:41)
12. The Staple Singers - Good News (2:39)
13. The Staple Singers - Come On Up In Glory (2:38)
14. The Staple Singers - Each Day (2:36)
15. The Staple Singers - Low Is The Way (2:35)
16. The Staple Singers - I Know I Got Religion (2:27)
17. The Staple Singers - So Soon (2:19)
18. The Staple Singers - This May Be The Last Time (2:07)
19. The Staple Singers - Going Away
20. The Staple Singers - Let's Go Home

The Staple Singers - I Know I Got Religion

The Staple Singers - Uncloudy Day

Scum of the Earth: The Complete Story

Pretty much any Nuggets band were teen idols compared to these punks-before-punk - this is as raw and commercially suicidal as Rock'n'Roll gets.

[Disc 1]
1. Mach V - If I Could
2. Charles - Motorcycle
3. Bush - Got Love If You Want It
4. Tigermen - Tiger Girl
5. Fabulous Prophets - Gertrude
6. Werps - Shades Of Blue
7. Counts IV - Listen To Me
8. Try-Cerz - Almost There
9. Gin Gillette - Train To Satanville
10. Motivations - The Birds
11. Crazy Teens - Crazy Date
12. New Bangs - Go-Go Kitty
13. Dwight Douglas & The Jayhawkers - Interstate 45
14. Opposite Six - Church Key (Part 68)
15. Bobby Jameson - Okey Fanokey Baby
16. Mad Mike & The Maniacs - The Hunch

Crazy Teens - Crazy Date


[Disc 2]
1. Bugs - Slide
2. Executioners - You Won't Find Me
3. Outcry - Can't You Hear
4. Evil - Whatcha Gonna Do About It
5. Crusade - Psychedelic Woman
6. Marauders - Lovin'
7. Myrchents - Indefinate Inhibition
8. Suedes - 13 Stories High
9. Steve Purdy & The Studs - The Weed
10. Kai-Ray & Crew - I Want Some Of That
11. Blue Echoes - Tiger Talk
12. Lefty & The Leadsmen - Wildwood Fun
13. Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads - Goo Goo Muck
14. Soul-Men - Roadhouse
15. Kings - It's The LCB
16. Bob Vidone & The Rhythm Rockers - Weird

Scum of the Earth: The Complete Story (disc2)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cicadelic 60's - Vol. 8

1. Wild Things - "Tell Me" (3:00)
2. We Few - "Baby Please Don't Go" (2:43)
3. We Few - "Surprise, Surprise" (2:17)
4. Sensacionals - "Big Boss Man" (2:53)
5. Sensacionals - "Sweet Little Rock and Roller" (2:33)
6. Jerry Djai - "Well, All Right" (2:10)
7. Cavaliers - "Bound to Happen" (1:56)
8. Rumors - "Hold Me Now" (2:29)
9. Rumors - "Without Her" (2:36)
10. Unknowns - "Night Walkin'" (3:33)
11. Unknowns - "Shake a Tail Feather" (2:28)
12. King Richard & the Knights - "Work Out Sally" (2:40)
13. Quintette Plus - "Summertime" (2:39)
14. Quintette Plus - "Grits and Grease" (3:27)
15. Quintette Plus - "The Work Song" (2:42)
16. Quintette Plus - "Shop Around" (3:01)
17. Boys - "How Do You Do With Me?" (2:16)
18. Boys - "I Wanna Know" (2:15)
19. Boys - "Angel of Mine" (2:17)
20. Boys - "It's Hopeless" (2:03)
21. Wild Things - "My Girl" (2:34)

Cicadelic 60's - Vol. 8

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Deviants - Ptooff!!

1. Deviants - Opening (0:08)
2. Deviants - I'm Coming Home (5:59)
3. Deviants - Child Of The Sky (4:32)
4. Deviants - Charlie (3:56)
5. Deviants - Nothing Man (4:21)
6. Deviants - Garbage (5:36)
7. Deviants - Bun (2:42)
8. Deviants - Deviation Street (9:01)

The Deviants - Ptooff!!

CAN - Delay 1968

1. CAN - Little Star Of Bethlehem (7:07)
2. CAN - Butterfly (8:20)
3. CAN - Pnoom (0:26)
4. CAN - Nineteen Century Man (4:18)
5. CAN - Thief (5:06)
6. CAN - Man Named Joe (3:54)
7. CAN - Uphill (6:38)

 CAN - Delay 1968

Monday, March 8, 2010

Curley Weaver: 1933-1935

1. Curley Weaver - No No Blues (3:09)
2. Curley Weaver - Leg Iron Blues (3:16)
3. Curley Weaver/Ruth Willis - Some Cold Rainy Day (2:42)
4. Curley Weaver - Tippin' Tom (2:59)
5. Curley Weaver - Birmingham Gambler (2:54)
6. Curley Weaver/The Georgia Browns - Tampa Strut (2:57)
7. Curley Weaver/The Georgia Browns - Decatur Street 81 (2:48)
8. Curley Weaver/The Georgia Browns - Next Door Man, Take 1 (3:07)
9. Curley Weaver/The Georgia Browns - Next Door Man, Take 2 (2:57)
10. Curley Weaver/The Georgia Browns - It Must Have Been Her (2:53)
11. Curley Weaver/The Georgia Browns - Who Stole de Lock? (2:49)
12. Curley Weaver/The Georgia Browns - Joker Man (2:52)
13. Curley Weaver/The Georgia Browns - You Was Born to Die (2:51)
14. Curley Weaver - Dirty Mistreater (3:10)
15. Curley Weaver - Black Woman (3:17)
16. Curley Weaver - City Cell Blues (3:15)
17. Curley Weaver - Empty Room Blues (3:19)
18. Curley Weaver - Tricks Ain't Walking No More (3:13)
19. Curley Weaver - Sometime Mama (3:09)
20. Curley Weaver - Oh Lawdy Mama (3:20)
21. Curley Weaver - Two Faced Woman (3:08)
22. Curley Weaver - Early Morning Blues (3:00)
23. Curley Weaver - Fried Pie Blues (3:00)

Curley Weaver/The Georgia Browns - Who Stole de Lock?

Curley Weaver: 1933-1935

Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe (1930 - 1931)

          1. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Memphis Minnie-Jitis Blues(Take A)
          2. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Good Girl Blues
          3. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - My Mary Blues
          4. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Plymouth Rock Blues
          5. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Cherry Ball Blues
          6. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Botherin That Thing
          7. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Bumble Bee - No. 2
          8. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Georgia Skin Blues
          9. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - New Dirty Dozen
          10. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - New Bumble Bee
          11. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Frankie Jean (That Trottin' Fool)
          12. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - I'm Talking 'Bout You - No. 2
          13. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - She Put Me Outdoors
          14. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Pile Drivin' Blues
          15. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - I Called You This Morning
          16. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Grandpa And Grandma Blues
          17. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Garage Fire Blues
          18. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - What's The Matter With The Mill?
          19. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - North Memphis Blues
          20. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Beat It Right
          21. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Preachers Blues
          22. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Shake Mattie
          23. Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - My Wash Woman's Gone

Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe

Hartman's Heartbreakers - "Give It To Me Daddy"

1. Hartman's Heartbreakers - A Night In Carolina (2:42)
2. Hartman's Heartbreakers - Feels Good (2:33)
3. Hartman's Heartbreakers - Fetch It On Down To My House (2:54)
4. Hartman's Heartbreakers - Give It To Me Daddy (2:40)
5. Hartman's Heartbreakers - Grandma And Grandpa (3:09)
6. Hartman's Heartbreakers - Let Me Play With It (2:58)
7. Hartman's Heartbreakers - My Southern Movements (2:25)
8. Hartman's Heartbreakers - No Huggin 'no Kissin' (2:40)
9. Hartman's Heartbreakers - Oh Sweet Dady, Oh Pshaw (3:19)
10. Hartman's Heartbreakers - Please Mr Moon Don't Tell On Me (3:09)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels Vol. 3

1. Bill Carter - Cool Tom Cat (1:50)
2. George Torrens - Tr-3 (2:28)
3. The Invaders - Night Ride [Instr.] (2:04)
4. Buddy Watson - If I Had Me A Woman (1:38)
5. Buddy Watson - Too Young To Go Steady (2:04)
6. Melvin Blake And The Star Rockers - Move On (2:10)
7. Melvin Blake And The Star Rockers - Judy (2:31)
8. The Viscos - Stompin' [Instr.] (2:20)
9. J.C. Arline - Sweet Potato Child (2:08)
10. Winnie Starr And The Omaha Kid - Baby By Rock (1:25)
11. Lyle Collins And The Rebel Aires - Left My Lover On The Corner (1:58)
12. The Rockin' Continentals - 2-3-4 [Instr.] (2:31)
13. The Rockin' Continentals - The 309 (2:51)
14. Roy Nixon - Hard-Rockin' Daddy (2:19)
15. Chuck Henderson - Rock And Roll Baby (1:49)
16. The Titans - Off The Wall (2:02)
17. Ernie Morris - Please Don't Hurt Me (1:46)
18. Richie Darris - Shake This Town (2:01)

Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels Vol. 3

Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels Vol 2


1. Bobby Mcdowell - Lonely (2:37)
2. Billy Lanham - T' For Texas (2:01)
3. Ronnie Newton - Workingman's Blues (2:40)
4. Art & The Scioto Rhythm Boys - A String Boogie JUMPS (1:40)
5. Shorty Long - Redstone John (2:50)
6. Bill Lehman And The Rock-itts - Take It Easy, Greasy (2:23)
7. The Royal Tones - Creeping Thunder (2:15)
8. Jackie Terrell - I'm Gonna Look For You (2:17)
9. Jackie Terrell - I Stopped And Thought (2:06)
10. Ralph Posey - Don't Leave Me Here (2:20)
11. Bob Norris - Party Time (2:04)
12. The Cyclones - Safety Zone (Instr) (2:31)
13. Len & Judy - I'm Leaving Town, Baby (2:12)
14. Earl Scott - Opal Lee (2:15)
15. Jackie Clark - Pajama Party (2:27)
16. Jackie Clark - Walkie Talkie (2:18)
17. Bud Settlemire - Uncle Bud's Twist (Instr) (2:24)
18. Jimmy North & The Jack Mashburn Band - Leavin' Town (1:32)

Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels Vol. 2

Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels Vol. 1


1. The Darts - Square Town
2. The Darts - Rocking [Instr.]
3. Lee Harmon & The Circle C Band - Ramshackled Shack
4. Ted Patterson And The Tunesters - I Love My Baby
5. Jimmy Dee - Guitar Pickin' Man
6. Everett Pauley & Tiney Wellman & The Gypseys - Goodbye, It's Over, I'm Gone
7. Jimmy Dale - Darlin'
8. Tracy & Carroll - Don't Believe
9. Bob Hoban - Indian Boogie
10. Carl Trantham & The Rhythm All Stars - Where There's A Will (There's A Way)
11. Jimmy Low - Let The Lawyer Talk To You
12. Buddy Kay & The Casuals - The Unlucky Lover
13. The Moonlighters - Guitar Boogie
14. Dennis Smith - This Little Heart
15. Harrill Dee - Just Pass Me By
16. Jamie Lee - Rock Bottom Boogie
17. The Run - A-Bouts-Wild Fire [Instr.]
18. Everett Pauley & The Swinging Drifters - Little Girl

Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels Vol. 1

Friday, March 5, 2010

Buddy Moss - Complete Recorded Works Vol. 1

1. Buddy Moss - Bye Bye Mama (3:18)
2. Buddy Moss - Daddy Don't Care (3:19)
3. Buddy Moss - Red River Blues (2:57)
4. Buddy Moss - Cold Country Blues (3:29)
5. Buddy Moss - Prowling Woman (3:18)
6. Buddy Moss - T.B.'s Killing Me (2:59)
7. Buddy Moss - When I'm Dead And Gone (3:01)
8. Buddy Moss - Hard Road Blues (3:13)
9. Buddy Moss - Prowlin' Gambler Blues (3:12)
10. Buddy Moss - Hard Road Blues (3:16)
11. Buddy Moss - Jealous Hearted Man (2:58)
12. Buddy Moss - Midnight Rambler (2:47)
13. Buddy Moss - Best Gal (2:53)
14. Buddy Moss - Restless Night Blues (2:55)
15. Buddy Moss - Married Man's Blues (2:51)
16. Buddy Moss - Somebody Keeps Calling Me (2:55)
17. Buddy Moss - Back To My Used To Be (Take 1) (2:43)
18. Buddy Moss - Back To My Used To Be (Take 2) (2:48)
19. Buddy Moss - Can't Use You No More (Take 1) (2:51)
20. Buddy Moss - Can't Use You No More (Take 2) (2:49)
21. Buddy Moss - Travelin' Blues (3:02)
22. Buddy Moss - Bachelor's Blues (3:11)
23. Buddy Moss - Broke Down Engine (2:50)

Buddy Moss

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Heralds - I Wish I Was Strong

The Heralds - I Wish I Was Strong.mp3"

(Note: this has been translated from dutch so excuse any grammatical errors)

"The Heralds were created in 1963 after the formation Ulvenhout Daddy & his Vibrations had disintegrated. The former group Hans 'Daddy' Kuystermans (vocals), Jack Goossen (bass), Marc de Roover (sax), Jan Marijnissen (guitar) went on to solo guitarist Harry Green Veldt (ex-The Blue Hunters) and bassist Ben Murawski (ex - The Electric Strings). The home of The Herald was the Hall of Bieberg Henk Martens and Reed to the Ulvenhoutselaan to Breda. Here the rehearsals took place and was there regularly for the fanclub occurred. In the period 1963-1965 the band presented themselves as a dance show and entertainment orchestra and they played particularly well known hits from the charts interspersed with instrumentals from The Shadows.

In 1965 got singer and saxophonist Hans Kuystermans Marc de Roover (in Belgium went into a big band playing) shortly after each other. Jan Marijnissen now took the solo vocals for his account. The last group oorpsronkelijke bassist Jack Goossens of Vibrations & his Daddy left the band in 1966. He was succeeded by the talented Cyriel Havermans, the craftsmen who taught at Herman Kroese by Peter & The Beats. The Herald went further in that formation as a professional manager with John White Bols. Breda Beer sponsored the group. They took in 1966 for a single on the Philips label and performed in Germany (Haus Studio Gambrinus U1, Mannheim and Club 99, Düsseldorf).

Aad v.d. Cancer, from the Hague crowd came in 1967 as replacement for Harry Groeneveldt in The Herald. In May 1967 and got Cyriel Havermans Aad Cancer and founded the band along with drummer Ton Schellekens the trio on Spatial Concept. Cyril was the replacement for Hans de Rooij (ex-Test) and guitarist Aad vd Cancer was replaced by organist Jan Baeten. Cyril Havermans got in 1969 Spatial Concept of Big Wheel and played in the period 1970-1973 in Focus.

Jan Marijnissen, Ben Murawski, Hans de Rooij and B. were in January until the second half of 1968 are still active as The Heralds. In Germany and the Netherlands. Since 1967, Hank Tilburger Sweep † manager of the band. In 1968 they changed their name in Germany in January Four Sex. Under the new name in January Baeten later went further and played from that time mainly in Germany, Switzerland and France. Jan Marijnissen went to Les Cruches Tilburg formation. Hans de Rooij and Ben Murawski then stopped making music for a living.

In 1981 the band was temporarily re-directed and appeared even a single: Like A Rolling Stone / Coming To You (song by Jan Marijnissen). In a packed Graanbeurs in Breda was a reunion concert. The Heralds have time until late eighties have weekly rehearsals with each other several times occurred. With the death of Ben Murawski in 1989 came to an end.

A reunion with former group members mainly from the first occupation took place in September 1997 in a hall bulging Bruinink to Bavel."

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pee Wee Crayton - I Found My Peace Of Mind


Pee Wee Crayton - I Found My Peace Of Mind

Larry Donn - "I'll Never Forget You"


Larry Donn - "I'll Never Forget You"

Larry Donn - "I'll Never Forget You" / "One Broken Heart" (Alley (Ark.) 1012)